SUN Academic Staff Receive Specialist Training on Students Directed Learning and Limiting Contact Time Methodology

Academic staff of Spiritan University Nneochi, Abia State, on August 6, 2019, received specialist training on Students Directed Learning and Limiting Contact Time Methodology and Technology. The seminar/workshop which featured a resource person, Prof. Dr. Vincent Icheku from London South Bank University, United Kingdom is part of the capacity building initiative of Spiritan University Nneochi to equip the academic staff with relevant knowledge and tools for more effective and productive course content delivery to students.

In the course of the workshop, Dr. Icheku demonstrated sufficiently the advantages and challenges of Students Directed Learning which is heavily premised on Individual’s Needs Learning, Self-Directed Learning, and Adult/Mature Education scenarios. While recognizing the enormity of environmental and infrastructural constraints in some developing countries like Nigeria in the full realization of Students Directed Learning and Limiting Contact Time, Dr. Icheku advised and encouraged leveraging on currently widely and cheaply available social media technologies where most of these students are already at home with, for a start. “In difficult situations, being innovative and thinking out of the box can turn challenges into opportunities”, he stressed.

In a Vote of Thanks at the end of the workshop, Associate Prof. Dr. Vitalis Ikpe of the Department of Biochemistry, on behalf of the University and the participants, specially thanked the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Remy Onyewuenyi, CSSp for this capacity building initiative. He also expressed gratitude to Prof. Dr. Vincent Icheku, the resource person, for his profound and impactful input, and promised that what has been learnt during the workshop would be put into good use in the individual participant’s areas of specialization.