Department of History

The department of History is one of the take-off departments offering Bachelor of Arts, in History and International/Diplomatic Studies. The subject matter is the study of the dynamics of societies and the international environment in which they exist. It seeks to understand the processes of international life and the trajectory of its development, and how it impacts on societies. It also studies the institutions i.e. UN, AU, etc and the legal framework that have been introduced to strengthen the effectiveness of the diplomatic engagements among the members of the international community of states.


The subject matter of History, distinguishing it from other Humanities and Social Sciences, consists of the attempts of human beings in the past to organize life materially and conceptually, individually and collectively, while the object of studying these things is to widen students’ experience and develop qualities of perception and judgement. History provides a distinctive education by providing a sense of the past, an awareness of the development of differing values, systems and societies and the inculcation of critical yet tolerant personal attitudes. History’s reciprocal relationship with other disciplines can have an important influence on the experience of the student of the subject.

To achieve the objectives of the program, history teachers should draw on the expertise of relevant disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to explain the historical forces and developments with which they deal.