Department of Language and Linguistics

The department of Language and linguistics is one of the take-off departments of the University, and offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree B.A. (Honours) in English.


In a country where English as an added language, a major official language, a lingua franca, and the language of instruction in the educational system, a high level of proficiency in it is usually expected from the graduates of higher institutions, especially the universities.  A higher level of competence and communicative skills is expected even more from graduates of English.

This is why there is a need for devoting greater attention to the achievement of improved knowledge of English and the acquisition of adequate oral and written skills in it. English graduates from Nigerian universities should be clearly and positively identified with adequate proficiency in pronunciation, articulateness in speech, correctness of grammar and usage, elegance and style in diction in the choice of an appropriate variety of English for use in the various administrative and professional job opportunities available in the labour market, in literary and creative writing domains, and in postgraduate studies in language and literature.