Towards achieving its mission, the Spiritan University plans to:

  1. Produce skilled high-level manpower, which is globally competitive and is equipped to respond appropriately to the needs of the community, Nigerian nation and humanity in general;
  2. Encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education;
  3. Create a conducive and stimulating academic environment with requisite facilities for the pursuit of effective teaching, learning, research and the acquisition of a liberal education;
  4. Advance scholarship and knowledge and to promote by research its practical application to social, moral, cultural, economic scientific and technological problems in relevant fields of learning;
  5. Inculcate positive values in the students and nurture in them the spirit of entrepreneurship and industry in order to promote the acquisition of industrial and agricultural expertise and exchange of skills between the University and Industry;
  6. Be open to healthy collaboration with other reputable institutions;
  7. Complement the efforts of Government by generating employment opportunity for Nigerians, and
  8. Undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.