Prospects for Academic Development

  1. Nature of the University: Spiritan University has been designed to be a conventional University, which offers programmes in different disciplines of great need to the developmental aspiration of Nigeria. To achieve this goal, the following faculties will be established: Natural and Applied Sciences; Arts, Management and Social Sciences; Education; Environmental Sciences; Law; Agriculture; Medicine; Engineering; Humanities; and Health Sciences. The University will run postgraduate programmes as from the fifth year of establishment. The essence is to consolidate the academic standards achieved at the undergraduate level and also to provide avenues for research.
    The courses offered have been prioritized in such a way that they are of immediate relevance to the needs of the students and the nation. The timetabling will also be drawn up in such a way that both staff and students will have time for academics and leisure.
  2. Recruitment of qualified staff: Great premium will be given to recruitment of highly qualified and experienced staff in the University. This will be achieved through well-organized interview and offer of attractive conditions of service.
  3. Provision of Physical Facilities: Envisaged to be a first class university, emphasis is placed on the provision of required infrastructural facilities such as laboratories, lecture rooms/theatres, offices as well as instructional aids. These include audio and visual facilities such as overhead projectors, slides, and communication systems.
  4. Improved Welfare for Staff and Students: The welfare of staff and students will always be given adequate consideration. In the case of staff, motivation through payment of enhanced salaries and welfare packages will be given. Students will enjoy good accommodation and recreational facilities. Security of lives and property is guaranteed. Transportation, catering and medical services are provided at subsidized rates.