Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2019/2020

First Semester

Tue.24th Sept. 2019 Vice-Chancellor meets with Academic & Non-academic Staff
Fri. 27th Sept. 2019 Resumption date for old students
Mon. 30th Sept. 2019 Registration of Courses begins for old students
Wed. 2nd Oct. 2019 Arrival of fresh students on Campus
Thurs. 3rd – Sat. 5th Oct. Orientation & Exploration of Surrounding Environment for fresh Students
Sun. 6th Oct. 2019 Thanksgiving Mass for “Journey Mercies” to campus & for the Commencement of the Academic Year
Mon. 7th Oct. 2019 Registration of courses begins for fresh students Lectures start for the 1st Semester of 2019/2020
Mon. 14th Oct. 2019 2nd Meeting of SUN Admission Campaign Group
Wed. 23rd Oct. 2019 Senate Meeting
Fri. 1st Nov. 2019 Solemnity of All Saints – Holy Day of Obligation
Tue. 5th Nov. 2019 Faculty Board Meeting
Wed. 20th Nov. 2019 Departmental Board Meeting
Thurs. 28th Nov. 2019 1st Faculty Public Lecture/Paper Presentation
Fri. 29th Nov. 2019 Late Registration of courses begins
Tues. 3rd Dec. 2019 Senate Meeting
Fri. 6th Dec. 2019 Late Registration of courses ends
Mon. 9th Dec. 2019 Mid Semester quizzes, tests etc. begin
Fri. 13th Dec. 2019 End of Mid Semester quizzes, tests, etc.
Sat. 14th Dec. 2019 Recollection/Retreat Day for all students
Sun. 15th Dec. 2019 Bazaar/Thanksgiving Mass for the end of the year
Tue. 17th Dec. 2019 Students vacate for Christmas Break
Sat. 4th Jan. 2020 Christmas break ends/Students return to Campus
Mon. 6th Jan. 2020 Continuation of First Semester lectures
Wed. 15th Jan. 2020 Departmental Board Meeting
Tues. 28th Jan. 2020 Faculty Board Meeting
Fri. 14th Feb. 2020 End of First Semester lectures
Mon. 17th Feb. 2020 Senate Meeting
Mon. 17th -21st Feb. 2020 Revision Period
Mon. 24th Feb. 2020 First Semester examinations begin
Wed. 26th Feb. 2020 Ash Wednesday – Day of Fasting & Abstinence
MARCH, 2020
Wed. 18th Mar. 2020 End of First Semester examinations
Mon. 23rd -27th Mar. 2020 Conference Marking


Wed. 25th Mar. 2020 Lectures begin for the Second Semester 2019/2020
Wed. 25th -31st Mar. 2020 Registration of Courses for Second Semester
APRIL, 2020
Wed. 1st Apr. 2020 Last day for the submission of First Semester results
Tue. 7th Apr. 2020 Senate Meeting
Thur. 9th Apr. 2020 End of lectures for the first part of Second Semester
*Students vacate for Easter Break
Sun. 12th Apr. 2020 EASTER SUNDAY
Sat. 18th Apr. 2020 End of Easter Break/Students return to Campus
Mon. 20th Apr. 2020 Continuation of Second Semester lectures
Wed. 22nd Apr. 2020 Faculty/Departmental Board Meeting
MAY 2020
Fri.1st May 2020 Workers’ Day – Public Holiday
Tues. 12th –Sat. 16th May Cultural/Sports Week
Tues. 19th May 2020 Senate Meeting
Thurs. 21st May 2020 ASCENSION OF OUR LORD – Lecture-free day
Mon. 25th -29th May 2020 Mid Semester quizzes, test etc.
JUNE, 2020
Mon. 1st June 2020 Provincial Pentecost Celebration – Lecture-free day
Tues. 9th June 2020 Faculty/Departmental Board Meeting
Wed. 17th June 2020 2nd Faculty Public Lecture/Paper Presentation
Thurs. 18th June 2020 Senate Meeting
Tues. 30th June 2020 End of Second Semester lectures
JULY, 2020
Wed. 1st -6th July 2020 Revision Period
Tues. 7th July 2020 Second Semester examinations begin
Fri. 24th July 2020 End of Second Semester examinations
Sat. 25th July 2020 Students vacate the Campus for long vacation
Mon. 27th -31st July 2020 Conference Marking
AUGUST, 2020
Tues. 11th Aug. 2020 Senate Meeting to consider 2nd Semester results
Wed. 12th Aug. 2020 Rostered Staff holidays begin
Sat. 15th Aug. 2020 SOLEMNITY OF ASSUMPTION – Holy Day of Obligation

NB: All Public Holidays and Holy Days of Obligation will be observed.