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Name and Logo

Name of the University

The word Spiritan is derived from the Latin word “Spiritus” meaning Spirit and it refers to an International Religious Order in the Catholic Church (founded in France on May 27, 1703) known as the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Congregatio Sancti Spiritus). The first Spiritan Missionaries arrived and began their educational and evangelization work in Nigeria in 1885. Presently, it has indigenous membership of over six hundred, working in various areas of youth apostolate through education ministry nationally and internationally.

The Holy Ghost Congregation, Province of Nigeria, South East is the proprietor of the Spiritan University Nneochi.  The proprietor decided to name the University after the Religious Order to which it belongs. This Religious Order is specifically dedicated to the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and Fortitude. The name of the University is therefore inspired by the above attributes of the Holy Spirit, hence the University aims at imparting wholistic knowledge, understanding and wisdom which constitute the hallmark of University education.

Logo of the University

The colours of Spiritan University Nneochi and the Logo are Red, Blue and White.

Red            is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, fire of inspiration and zeal.

Blue           represents one of the Congregation’s colour, serenity and life as symbolized by water.

White        represents purity of learning.

The symbols in the University Logo are; the Dove, the Book and the Chalice.

The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit to which the proprietor is dedicated.

The Book   is the symbol of learning, literacy and scholarship.

The Chalice is the symbol of sacrifice and love in the Catholic Church. Love of knowledge and industry demands sacrifice.

In perspective, the Logo presents the Holy Spirit (The Dove) pouring down divine dignity and illumination, in the form of the sun’s rays, on human learning and scholarship (The Book), powered by zeal, serenity and life within the context of sacrifice (The Chalice). It is the proposition of the University, that if learning is carried out following this philosophy, the dignity of creation is enhanced and industry is attained.