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University Colors

The colours of Spiritan University Nneochi are Blue, Green, Red and White.

Blue represents one of the Congregation’s colours (Marian Colour). It represents industry which is a core value and objective of the University.

Green represents life and agriculture.  It symbolises the enormous agricultural potential of the area which the University intends to develop as a major support.

Red is another colour of the Congregation which is the colour of the Holy Spirit. It symbolises the vigour with which the University pursues its objective of producing skillful and globally competitive graduates. It is associated with sacrifice, commitment, tenacity and dependability which are prerequisites for industry.

White signifies purity of learning, integrity and dignity which is another core value and objective of Spiritan University.

In summation, it is noteworthy that green and white are national colours of Nigeria while red, green and white are liturgical colours of the Catholic Church to which the proprietor belongs. The above qualities are desirable of the staff and students of Spiritan University and they help the University to stand the test of time and ensure its excellence in perpetuity.




The colour of the academic gown of the University is red trimmed with blue. The colours of the hoods for the various Faculties are as follows:

 Natural and Applied SciencesNavy Blue
 Management and Social SciencesSky Blue
 Environmental SciencesClay
 Agriculture/Veterinary MedicineLeaf Green
 Engineering & TechnologyBrown
Health SciencesRed