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University Anthem

Chorus: Great Spiritan University! Think Education, Think Spiritan.

                d / m: – :- / d: d: d: s, / l,: – : – :-/ : – : r : – / f: -: – / t: t, : r //


Spiritan University, Nneochi,

A Catholic University in the Spiritan Tradition,

Established by the Spiritans of the Province of Nigeria,

South-East, member of a renowned worldwide

Catholic Religious Congregation.




A University where Learning for Industry and Dignity

Produces, without discrimination, men and women,

Who are sound in learning and worthy in character,

Equipped with Moral, Intellectual and Entrepreneurial skills

That enable them rise above every limitation to success.




May the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and

Understanding, the “Heavenly Patron” of the University,

Illumine, guide and guard the minds of all

Who drink from the spring of Knowledge in this Citadel of

Learning, to attain True and Everlasting Wisdom.