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The Department of Accounting and Finance, in the Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences, Spiritan University, Nneochi, Abia State, is one of the Take-off programmes in 2018/2019. It offers a four (4) years Degree Programme in Accounting and Banking and Finance with a wide range of subjects leading to the award of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Accountancy, and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Banking and Finance.  In addition to the stipulated course work, students must complete the number of required credit hours in the University’s common courses, Intra-Faculty courses, Inter-Departmental courses, the Departmental core courses as well as present a thoroughly researched project to earn their degrees. Practical orientation or supervised industrial training is emphasized before graduation.



The Primary focus of the Accountancy Programme is to be a leader in the continent of Africa in producing high quality and high calibre research and teaching in the field of Accounting. Our vision is to be a frontier programme in producing researches aimed at enhancing accounting knowledge and practice in the global market as well as contribute meaningfully to development of Nigeria.

The Accountancy programme, Spiritan University, Nneato-Isuochi, seeks to develop the mind, impact both theoretical and practical knowledge on the individual student, develop self-confidence, and help to be innovative and self-reliant in the fields of Accounting. Also, produce highly skilled accounting personnel, well grounded in accounting, business and computer, as well as equipped with sufficient inter-personal skills to enable them operate effectively in the global market place.