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The basic philosophy of Microbiology programme, in keeping with the fundamental philosophy of the University, is designed to encourage and promote sound training of students for professional skills and competences in all aspects of Microbiology. To actualize these, there is need to get the maximum out of every student’s potentials through the development of their skills and abilities. The programme desires to train mission-oriented microbiology graduates who will become competent professionals and will be able to relate their studies to practical real-life situations. This is accomplished by motivating the students and having regular and frequent discussion between the students and their academic advisers. The Department believes that there is a need to encourage optimal balance of academic excellence, morality and discipline. The programme is structured to inculcate the fundamentals and concepts in Microbiology and their applications in Biology, Biotechnology, genetic engineering, medicine, food, nutrition, agriculture, pharmaceutics/pharmacology and the environment, especially the microbiology of local significant microorganisms, plants and animals.